Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ma’had Darul Hadith Yemen Attacked By Shi'ah, Jihad Proclaimed!

Muharram 06, 1433 A.H, Friday, December 02, 2011

YEMEN – After receiving rocket and sniper attacks from the Houtsi Shiite in Yemen, the Imam of Ma’had Darul Hadith, Yemen, finally issued a call for jihad to defend the ma'had (school) which was founded by the late Sheikh Muqbil Bin Hadi. Two students from Indonesia were reported to have been killed in the incident and two more were injured. Does the Sunni-Shi'ah war begin to rage in Yemen?

Besides the two student from Indonesia, the firefight between the Shi'ah militia and the Salafi students at the Ma'had Darul Hadith Dammaj, Yemen, also killed at least 4 foreign students from America, Russia and Malaysia.

As quoted from, the four foreign students who were killed besides the Indonesian students were identified as Jason White from America (33), Ahmad Ismail Damis Salam from America (32), Muhammad Hafifuddin Yusuf from Malaysia (21) and Rustam from Russia.

The Sunni-Shi'ah Conflict Amidst The Yemeni Revolution

In the midst of the people's revolution that is currently whacking Yemen, a Sunni-Shi'ah conflict broke out in the Dammaj district last Saturday and Sunday, triggered by the Houtsi Shiite rocket and sniper attacks on Ma’had Darul Hadith and the Sunni zones in the district. The incident killed over 30 people, including the two students from Indonesia, i.e. from Medan and Aceh.

The two students killed were identified as Abu Soleh from Batubara, Medan and Abu Haidar from Kuala Simpang, Aceh, and their janaza's have now been in buried in Yemen.

“With the families' permission they were buried there. Ideally, they should have been brought back to Indonesia, but remembering the security situation there, it would have been difficult, so with the permission from the families, they were to be buried there, and according to the information we have received, they have already been buried,” said Michael Tene, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thursday (1/12/2011).

The Ma’had Darul Hadith Dammaj Yemen was founded in 1980 by the late Sheikh Muqbil Bin Hadi Al Wadie, the name is fairly well known in Indonesia.

The Ma’had Darul Hadith currently accommodates over 10,000 students, 10 percent of them come from the Arab, European Union, and other countries.

In yesterday's incident, the markaz of this Ma’had Darul Hadith was besieged by the Houtsi Shiite, and they have done the siege since early Dzulhijjah 1432H. The attack by this misguided Shi'ah has killed 30 Sunni students. The complex of the Salafy Ahlus Sunnah was blockaded until it runs out of water, food, medicines and other materials.

The Imam Ma’had Darul Hadith Finally Issued The Call of Jihad

After receiving volleys of rocket and sniper attacks from the Shi'ah, the Imam of Darul Hadith in Dammaj, Yemen, Sheikh Yahya Al Hajouri, finally issued a call for jihad or a declaration of war against the heretic Shiite. This is as reported by one of the students of the ma’had to the Gulf News.

“The Imam of Darul Hadith in the district of Dammaj, Seikh Yahya Al Hajouri, has declared war on the Houtsi Shiite rebels who have attacked and refused to open up their blockade on the school,” the student said.

Al Hashimi, who has studied religious education in the school for 10 years, said that the Shi'ah rebels attacked the school and other places of the Sunni Muslims in the Dammaj district on Saturday and Sunday with mortar and sniper fires killing more than 30 students, including foreign students.

Sources said that a number students who came from the United States, France and Indonesia were among those who have been killed in Dammaj district.

Meanwhile, the Houtsi Shiite rebels, who rebel against the Government of Yemen after six years of sporadic warfare i.e. since 2004, denied killing students in Dammaj district and accused the media of publishing false and baseless stories. In a statement released to the press, the Houtsi Shiite rebel group said that the Salafy people in that school raised slogans that labeled them as kafir who are astray.

In contrast to the information from those astray Shi'ah, a group of Yemeni citizens and humanitarian activists, as well as journalists headed towards the location to find out the actual story. They said:

“The besieged people in the school live in a very inhumane condition. There is no medicine and food, and the wounded died from running out of blood due to the lack of doctors and medicine,” Mohammad Al Ahmadi, a member of the group told the Gulf News.

“More than 26 people died in two days of shooting. There are starving families and many children could die soon. The Shi'ah rebels treated the activists roughly and confiscated my camera memory card. They are afraid that we will publish photographs that show their barbarity, which we have obtained from the school,” he said on Tuesday, 29th November 2011.

The incident adds to the long list of continual feud between the Sunni and Shi'ah that should end with the call of jihad fie sabilillah. Some news agencies even reported that the Salafy group of the Ma’had Darul Hadith, Dammaj, Yemen, have asked for help from the Mujahideen of Al-Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula (AQAP) which is also headquartered in Yemen. Allahu Akbar!

Latest Development Of The Attacks By Houtsi Shiite Militia On Ma’had Darul Hadith Damaj

Friday, 2nd December 2011 08:51:12
YEMEN – Yesterday, Thursday (1/12/2011) enters the 45th day of the total siege and attacks by the Yemeni Shi’ah, the Houtsi, against theahlus sunnah Muslims of Damaj district, in the province of Sodah.

The website of the Yemeni Salafy group, Subulus Salam, reported on Thursday (1/12/2011) the latest development of the attacks by the Houtsi Shi'ah on Ma’had Darul Hadith Damaj. The Houtsi Shi’ah snipers rained the complex of Ma’had Darul Hadith with vigorous shots after Maghrib prayer.

A student of the ma’had named Salih al-Abyani fell as a Shuhada' in the attack. Two other students were injured badly. One of them, Mu’taz al-Imarati was shot in the throat. Due to the absence of medical staff, medicine and even sufficient food caused by the total blockade by the Houtsi Shi'ah militia on the Damaj district during this one and a half month period, the two victims are not getting adequate treatment.

At the time this news was written, the Houtsi Shi'ah militia are still assailing the complex of Ma’had Darul Hadith and its surroundings with mortar and long-barreled gun fires. A local of the Wadiah tribe suffered a gunshot wound in the leg. The entourage of journalists who wanted to cover the events in Damaj district had faced opposition from the Houtsi Shi'ah militia. However, with the permission of Allah alone, a volunteer from the Al-Karamah Foundation of Yemen managed to take photographs and video of the very horrible condition of the Damaj Muslims, as a result of the blockade and attack by the Houtsi Shi'ah militia.

May Allah immediately gives a way out for the Muslims of Damaj and destroy the Houtsi Shi'ah militia, an extension arm of the Republic Shi'ah Itsna Ashariyah Iran.

(muhib al-majdi/

translate in bahasa indonesia
Selain dua santri asal Indonesia, kontak senjata antara milisi Syiah dengan santri Salafy di Ma'had Darul Hadits Dammaj, Yaman juga menewaskan setidaknya 4 santri asing asal Amerika, Rusia, dan Malaysia. 
Tercatat sebagaimana dikutip dari, keempat santri asing yang tewas di luar santri asal Indonesia adalah Jason White asal Amerika Serikat (33), Ahmad Ismail Damis Salam asal Amerika Serikat (32), Muhammad Hafifuddin Yusuf asal Malaysia (21), dan Rustam asal Rusia. 
Menurut versi kelompok Salafy, kontak senjata disebabkan karena milisi Syi'ah melakukan upaya blokade dan pengepungan terhadap Markaz Darul Hadits Dammaj, Yaman.
Markaz Darul Hadits Dammaj adalah markas kelompok yang menamakan diri mereka sebagai kelompok salafy. Markaz kelompok salafy itu sudah dikepung oleh milisi Syiah sejak awal bulan Dzulhijjah, sebagaimana dikatakan oleh Syaikh Yahya bin Ali al Hajuri.
Rabi bin Hadi 'Umair al Madkhali, salah seorang pemimpin kelompok Salafi, juga awal Dzulhijjah silam telah mengajak para pengikutnya untuk melawan serangan kelompok Syiah, di Dammaj, Yaman melalui surat tertanggal 4 Dzulhijjah 1432 H yang dipublikasikan di

Pengepungan oleh kelompok Syiah disinyalir sebagai upaya memprovokasi kelompok Salafiyin agar terpancing untuk marah dan menyerang.

Sejak 2 tahun ini, mayoritas pegunungan di sekitar Dammaj memang dikuasai kelompok Syi’ah, kecuali Gunung Shomma’, Gunung Baroqoh, Gunung Thullab. (muslimdaily/bbs)


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